Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega AO Bass Preamp and Overdrive Pedal


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Product Overview

The Darkglass AOUV2 Alpha·Omega Ultra might be one of the most versatile bass preamps ever.

At its core are two discrete distortion circuits that allow you to explore exciting tonal frontiers while reveling in boundless dynamic range. Sculpt fresh sonic textures with a 6-band active graphic EQ. Then pipe everything through a single-user digital impulse-response cabinet emulation. You're in complete command with Bypass and Distortion footswitches that allow separate use of the Alpha·Omega Ultra's distortion and EQ. And thanks to its 1/8-inch Aux input, this is the perfect solution for practicing along with guide tracks from your mobile device or computer. The Alpha·Omega Ultra also includes a headphone output, switchable ground lift, and a Micro-USB B port for loading new virtual cabinets from your Mac or PC.

Take studio-grade cabinet emulations everywhere you go
The right speaker cabinet can lend a massive, natural tone to your bass. But capturing that sound is easier said than done. Not only do you need a well-tuned cabinet, but you also need a great-sounding room and an expensive microphone. And if you're trying not to disturb the neighbors, that's a whole different issue. But thanks to the Alpha·Omega Ultra's digital impulse-response cabinet emulation, you have a complete array of top-of-the-line cabs at your disposal. Built directly into the Alpha·Omega Ultra's XLR output, this studio-grade effect will inject your rig with uncompromising, ready-to-mix bass tones. And loading up a new cabinet is easy - just plug into your Mac or PC via the Alpha·Omega Ultra's Micro-USB B port. The cab simulation is also integrated into the pedal's headphone output, a feature that bassists use to turbocharge their silent practice sessions.


  • 2 discrete distortion circuits allow you to explore exciting tonal frontiers
  • Aux input for playing along with tracks from your mobile device or computer
  • 6-band active graphic EQ for sculpting fresh sonic textures
  • Single-user digital impulse-response cabinet emulation puts a complete array of top-of-the-line cabs at your disposal
  • Micro-USB B port for loading new virtual cabinets from your Mac or PC
  • Bypass and Distortion footswitches allow separate use of the distortion and EQ
  • Headphone output with cabinet simulation is great for silent practice sessions
  • Switchable ground lift eliminates unwanted hum


  • Pedal Type: Preamp, Distortion
  • Analog/Digital: Analog (overdrive), Digital (cab sim)
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4" (instrument), 1 x 1/8" (aux in)
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4", 1 x XLR (direct out), 1 x 1/8" (headphones)
  • USB: 1 x Micro-B (loading IR)
  • True Bypass: Yes
  • EQ: Low Shelf, High Shelf, Mid bands: 250Hz, 500Hz, 1.5kHz, 3kHz
  • Controls: Alpha Drive, Omega Drive
  • Features: Cabinet Simulation IR
  • Power Source: 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Power Usage: Up to 130mA
  • Height: 2.2"
  • Width: 4.92"
  • Depth: 3.77"
  • Weight: 0.94 lbs.
  • Country of Origin: Finland

The alpha·omega ultra is the most versatile bass preamplifier Dark Glass has designed: with its two distinct distortion circuits (alpha and omega), extremely high dynamic range, six-band active graphic eq, dedicated headphone output and balanced direct output with switchable digital impulse-response cabinet emulation make for an incredibly complete tool for the modern bass player.