Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Distortion


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Product Overview

The Darkglass name represents success in bass guitar technology of the highest degree across the world. Today, the masterminds at Darkglass present an evolution in their acclaimed Alpha Omega bass distortion technology. The Alpha Omega Photon pedal takes the original Alpha Omega distortion pedal and elevates it to a new level. With the original's groundbreaking and dynamic dual distortion effect combined with a new compression effect, the tonal experience and musicality of the Darkglass classic expands tenfold.

The Alpha Omega Photon's distortion and compression effects can be engaged independently or together. Five distortion and five compression modes are loaded into the pedal and can be cycled through to find anyone's perfect match. Once the effect combination balanced is struck, the Alpha Omega Photon's touch-sensitive 6-band graphic EQ allows for deep interaction with either effect as players mix through a wide spectrum of distorted and compressed bass tones. Effect control dials accurately manage distortion output, Alpha and Omega effect mix, and compression input gain. The pedal's internal compressor automatically applies the correct amount of makeup gain so no matter how much compression is dialed in, an appropriate signal level is kept consistent.

Along with its use as a traditional pedal, the Alpha Omega Photon features advanced Darkglass technology to push the experience further. Five cabinet simulation IRs are available for players to plug in via headphones, an XLR out, or stereo line and jam along with. Additional functions include USB-C connectivity to use the pedal's audio interface capabilities with the Darkglass Suite desktop app, MIDI controller operation via 1/8" TRS output, and a 1/8" jack to function as an Aux In for playback of backing tracks through mobile phones or laptops.

The Alpha Omega Photon is a highly equipped and extensively designed device for cutting-edge musical experiences. In any situation, Darkglass Electronics is always thinking ahead and today's Alpha Omega Photon is the proof.

Controls & Highlights

  • Darkglass Alpha Omega distortion circuit
  • Independent compression effect with automatic gain makeup function
  • Alpha Omega distortion circuit mix knob
  • Six-band EQ with touch-sensitive sliders
  • Five distortion modes and five compression modes
  • Onboard cabinet simulation with five IRs accessible via headphones, XLR, or stereo output
  • Bluetooth audio streaming and 1/8" aux out jack
  • USB-C connectivity for audio interface use via the Darkglass Suite Mac, PC, and mobile apps
  • MIDI control connection via 1/8" TRS