World Class Repairs

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Liberty Music Jacksonville offers world class guitar, bass and electronics repair as well as maintenance services.  Our repair shop is bringing Jacksonville a wealth of experience to ensure your instruments or electronic items are cared for the same way as extremely expensive vintage instruments would be.

Liberty Music Jacksonville is an authorized Warranty Repair Center for the following brands, electronics and guitars;


We stand by our repair shop and will offer a price match or when possible a better price than the local competitors.  We are proud to offer a detailed menu of prices for your instrument so there are no surprises and of course, we offer a free quote before any work has began on your instrument. Bring your instrument in and you will be impressed with the quality workmanship and the value.  We are here to serve Jacksonville as the premier Guitarist Pro Shop.



$60 per hour bench rate.  A minimum of a $60 bench assessment fee to diagnose your electronic and provide you with an accurate labor and parts quote along with above industry turn around times.  Our technicians can service keyboards, amplifiers (tube & solid state) and effect pedals.

Guitars, Basses & More...

Please note that these prices are subject to change without notice. Free Assessment on all repairs (our Luthiers provide quotes on all instruments prior to repair, unless otherwise discussed).

Repair Price List

Bench Rate - $50/Hour
Minimum Bench Rate - $50/Hour

Restring - $25+ depending on number of strings(ie. 6, 7, 8 ,12) does not includes strings or setup.

Set Ups

Acoustic Instruments - From $50 and up depending on condition
Electric Instruments - From $50 and up depending on condition and type of trem system

Fret Dress

Fret Dress - $95 includes oil, wax and buff of fretboard as well as leveling, polishing and polishing frets - $30 fret ends
Repair to Loose Frets - $75 and up depending on severity may need to be dressed
Heat Press - $135+ one extra if needed at no charge may also need fret dress


Rosewood un-bound - $225+ Full or $15 per fret
Rosewood bound - $250+ Full or $20+ per fret
Ebony un-bound - $250+ Full or $20+ per fret
Ebony bound - $250+ Full or $20+ per fret
Maple board un-bound - $250+ Full or $20+ per fret
Maple board nitro finish - $250+ Full or $20+ per fret
Maple board vintage tint - Requires Quote

If binding needs to be removed or replaced, price will be determine at the time of assessment

Replacement Nut (bone made from tech)

Bass and Guitar - $75 and up for additional strings
12 String Acoustic Guitar - $90 and up
12 String Electric Guitar - $90 and up
Roller Nut Install - $100
Mandolin Nut - $90
Banjo Nut - $70

Saddle Repair / Replace

Bone saddle for more acoustics - $80
Compensated saddle - $80
Re-cut saddle slot - $95 and up

Install Tuners

Direct Replacements - $30
Replacement for old Kluson type - $45-$65 minimum(Touch up holes filled)
For specialized Tuners - $60 and up $50/hour bench rate

Bass Neck Repairs

Upright Bass(Ebony Board) - $90+ Includes basic setup
Electric Bass(Maple Board) - $90+ Includes basic setup
De-Fret Board and Fill - $225 and up

Major Repairs

Neck Re-set(Acoustic and Electric) - $400 and up
Neck Re-Set (Electric Bound body) - $600 and up
Headstock - $90+ Includes basic setup
Edge & Back Cracks - $40 and up depending on severity
Cracked or Broken Braces - $40 and up

Bridge Repairs

Re-glue Bridge - $125 Full Re-glue - $60 Partial Re-glue
Bridge Plate Replacement - $150 and up
Ornate Type of Bridge Replacement - $165 and up(depending on the style and type of guitar, Gibson/Martin)

Wiring and Electronics

Hollow Body Wiring - $50/hr Bench Rate
Switch, Pots, Jack Replacement - $25+ each depending if direct replacement or alterations needed
Pickup Install on Acoustic - $75 and up
Pickup Re-winds - $85 and up (depending on the type and style of pickup, potting is extra)
Pickup Install - $25 each + $15 per additional - does not include any modifications additional fees may be incurred for pre amp, active or powered pickups.
Complete Rewire - $65 and up depending on the wiring system.

All prices are in USD. Price are only a guideline and are subject to change without notice but once quoted the price will not change without additional work or parts needed and always discussed beforehand. All repairs require a final set-up at an additional set-up cost. All parts and strings are extra. Free assessment of all repairs.