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TAP tempo
Ramp function: holding the TAP switch will ramp to a second speed. You candetermine the second speed, as well as the rate of the ramp between the two tremolo speeds.
There is a second mode of operation called the Legacy mode which retains and expands on the mk.1’s functionality since now you can choose to have x2 (double) or x1.5 (dotted eighth) speed multiplying options!
New LFOwaveform added: Reverse Sawtooth
CHOP (kill dry) function
In addition to the mk.1's 3 internal EQ trimmers, the mk.2 features a newinternal trimmer to adjustinput gain control to optimise Harmonious Monk mk.2 for use with guitar, bass, keys, or anything else you might want to throw at it!
You can now specify the startup state of the mk.2, to ON or OFF upon receiving power!
The mk.2 comes with the Tap & Ramp mode preselected.
In order to switch between the Tap & Ramp and Legacy modes, keep both footswitches pressed until the LEDs blink, indicating mode change.
Only available while in the Tap & Ramp mode.
A prolonged press of the TAP footswitch will engage ramping from the original to the fixed user-selectable speed.
In order to determine the fixed user-selectable speed, while keeping the TAP footswitch pressed, adjust the Speed potentiometer to taste - make sure to return the Speed to the original position after releasing the TAP footswitch.
In order to determine how long it takes to travel from the original speed to the fixed user-selectable speed, while keeping the TAP footswitch pressed, adjust the Depth potentiometer to taste - make sure to return the Depth to the original position after releasing the TAP footswitch.
This custom Ripple Sine Phaser pedal has a design by John Achenbach, animator for The Simpsons!
Smooth, sweet and transparent vintage-sounding phaser pedal. The “Ripple” is featuring two phase stages resulting in a truly unique and subtle phaser pedal with a great “vibey” tone, that we are very very proud of!
Controls: Speed
It works with a 9V battery or 9V boss-type DC adaptor (negative tip)
It uses only 9mA of power when ON
Dimensions : 111 x 60 x 32 mm
Limited Life-time warranty !