BluGuitar LooperKit Effects Loop Switching Expansion for Remote1


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Product Overview

The BluGuitar® LOOPERKIT™ extends the REMOTE1™ to a pedal switcher with four true bypass loops. It consists of an installation kit that is inserted into the REMOTE1™ and a "breakout box" to which the effect devices to be integrated into the setup are connected with short patch cables. The breakout box has one input, one output 4 send and 4 return sockets for the 4 loops. Once the LOOPERKIT™ is installed, it is possible to determine and save which of the four loops should be active in any sound preset created with AMP1™ and REMOTE1™ . 

The REMOTE1™ then is able to switch the AMP1™, an effects device integrated into the FX loop of the AMP1™ and the 4 loops of the LOOPERKIT™ with only one foot step. Thanks to the true-bypass circuit of the loops, the signal only passes through the effect devices that are active in the respective preset. This guarantees the shortest possible signal path with the least possible loss of sound.